Thursday, June 10, 2010

maybe i have to understand him

I love the duck noodles at the dorchester. Im craving miss NT AND CC.So much.

'I dont mean to be pushy, but I just dont understand why a sexy and gorgeous person like you is still single' - M

thanks M, truth to be true, even if its hard for you to understand, I am a complicated person. I could like you or anyone else for a min, or one day, comes the next day , comes the next week, i might not like you anymore. Thats how complicated i am. and when I like you, you dont like me.and when you tick all my boxes, I am interested, but youre not.and maybe you are, but once we start colour, maybe its still amazing, or maybe not.and then weve gone quiet. maybe youre great in colouring, but you cant speak a culture at all.maybe you dont tick my boxes, but youre so pushy, and that would turn me off. maybe ive always wants things which is hard to get. maybe i like challenges.maybe i like simplicity too.maybe i like going out.maybe i like sofas, in short, relationship is great to be in.but thats not what im looking for. i am looking for a person to be with.not a relationship. a relationship is like shoes.I dont want shoes. I could get shoes could buy em.3 for 10 pound.what I am looking for is a good shoes. a hand made shoes. maybe i will cost me 900 pounds, but it will last for 9 years, or forever.because its comfortable.

naah, being a relationship is hard enough. I work from 5pm till 2 am, you will hardly see me anyway.I wake up in the morning, youve gone to work. I come home, you will be asleep. the only day to spend our day would be saturday. or wednesday that enough? to some people no.

not just that, apart from time, is commitment. responsibility. there are so many other things.

some times I am glad that I am single.easy going, and i still remember one of the line from goodfellas.

why dont you get a nice lady and be settle with?

I always get a nice lady, mum.every night.

i mean, just one.

yeah.i settle with em every night.and in the morning, they leave.

and the next night another one.i settle with. isnt life great?

and i laughed.

i thought josh pesci really deserve the award.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Assalamualaikum dan salam bertemu kembali. Minta maaflah bebanyak semua followers blogs aku. Blog yang dulu sudah di privatekan... ye lah bukan semua benda leh kongsi kat website ni. Never mind, now i'll start with another new blog ok. =)